Simple Organizing Strategies for ADHD and the Chronically Disorganized

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Simple Organizing Strategies Book by Evelyn GrayEasy, Simple Strategies to Getting (and Staying) Organized for ADD, ADHD, and the Chronically Disorganized. This 200-page book makes it fun until it’s done. You’ll learn how to control the paper that crosses your path every day, time management tips, and how to effectively manage your home and office daily activities.You’ll find out how to create your ideal workspace where everything is within easy reach, achieving more in less time by getting organized, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed every day, gaining a sense of control, and never spend a lot of time looking for misplaced items again.


  • BONUS BOOK: 43 Stress-less Tips, Tricks & Techniques


No More Paper Junk Mail

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No More Junk Mail Book by Evelyn GrayJunk mail is sweeping America like a plague — but there is something you can do to stop it. Written by veteran organizer Evelyn Gray (and newly updated to incorporate the 2008 changes in the Do Not Call Registry laws), this printable electronic e-booklet (in PDF format which can be read by any computer) 28-page booklet is filled with specific tips and techniques that will help you trim the fat from your mailbox.Just follow this step by step process for eliminating postal and fax junk mail — both at home and at work — and you will see an immediate difference in your paper load. It’s a perfect gift for all your friends and family!


    • Marketing association contact information
    • Instructions for being removed from mailing lists
    • Tips for reducing personal junk mail
    • Instructions for using the Do Not Call Registry, and more!
    • BONUS BOOK: 43 Stress-less Tips, Tricks & Techniques


“43 Stress-less Tips, Tricks & Techniques”
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