Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

Evelyn Gray ConsultingThese programs are designed to give you guidance and support by:

  • Teaching you effective skills that modify your habits and behavior, yet blend in with your current behavior to create long-term results.
  • Learn how to focus on how to work on the right things that will move you toward your objectives.
  • Reducing stress through designing a simple system based on your unique goals, natural style of working style and habits to have more focus, clarity, and productivity.
  • Expanding your knowledge base so your skills are transferable from the office to the car and to your home.

Coach on Call

  • This program is specifically designed for an emergency basis (unscheduled call).
  • It helps you get over the hurdles when there is a crisis deadline to be met, an important decision to make, or just reassurance that you’re heading in the right direction.
  • It’s your call about what you want to talk about.

Corporate Coaching

(Retainer Program–hours vary according to company’s needs)

  • Retain the amount of hours you need each month for your executives, managers, or staff assigning each person 30 minutes or 1 hour increments.
  • Organizing from the inside out (your emotional way of thinking) that will help to ensure that a system is easy to maintain “maximizing” your time and profitability level.

Steps to Success

  • Six (6) month or twelve (12) month programs with two, 30 minute calls a month, and as an added BONUS, you will receive an extra 30 minutes on your first month’s call. Longer calls can be scheduled.
  • Gain clarity and see how easy it is to be more productive based on your natural style of learning, as we all think and learn differently.
  • We don’t change who YOU are. We just streamline “how” you do things, discover how you emotionally relate to your paper and things in learning what to keep and what not to keep, what to say “no” to, and find out how to make better and quicker decisions.
    Learn how modifying your behavior by opening the doors of your mind to learning new skills.
    Practical and simple customized solutions that are easy to maintain that will blend into what you’re already doing.