Onsite Organizing

The most expensive trip you will ever take is to continue down a path that is not maximizing your returns for the time, talent, and resources you are expending. It creates a decrease present value of your future. Having hands-on organizing can provide you with the guidance and understanding to maintain your new system, so you have more personal time for yourself with less stress and mess.

You will be taught how to identify, strategize, simplify, and organize by improving the way you make better decisions for yourself. A customized workflow of systems will help you become less stressed in your workspace. The proven “Stop, Drop & Roll Method” of how to have a “neat mess,”© so you can find your stuff in 30 seconds or less, will dramatically improve your lifestyle and quality of life.

Just think how it will feel not to be “buried alive” in an avalanche of paper and stop clutter from stealing your life.

The Benefits of Being More Productive Everyday

  1. Achieving more consistent success
  2. Creating a more valuable you within your organization
  3. Gain valuable insights with simplicity and ease
  4. Finding things in 30 seconds or less with the famous and proven “Stop, Drop & Roll Method”
  5. Improved communication skills
  6. Greater job satisfaction improving productivity 20% or more
  7. Leveraging your results through resources in your control
  8. Making more accurate goal selections and implementation
  9. Stopping procrastination and meeting deadlines, AND
  10. You’ll end up with a system that will be easy to maintain
Evelyn Gray
"Working with Evelyn was such an eye opener for me. I had always thought of myself as organized, but always had those organized "little piles" in my office that I never dealt with. Evelyn came up with a SYSTEM that worked for me based on how my office was set up, how I needed to see information, and how that information would be used. She works with the person you already are, so you won't end up with a system you can't keep up with. She is amazing!"