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Talk to Evelyn about scheduling one of her entertaining seminars from which each attendee will take at least one thing that he/she can put to use that day at the office or at home.

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Realization and transformations begin to happen once you understand when the problem began and why. Patience, understanding and having fun through simple learning methods, will embed this new knowledge and set of skills in your thought processes. We assist you in getting a handle on how you can file, retrieve, process, and follow-up with less stress making your environment work for you.

Listed below are seminar topics to assist you in meeting your unique challenges of our fast-paced, evolving society of computers, information technology, and the tons of information that is put in front of us every day. We’ll show you proven methods and strategies that are simple and help solve your most complex problems.

How to Transform Yourself Into a Productivity Powerhouse

Discover methods that will vastly increase your personal organization, efficiency, and creative results, where breakthrough methods are shared for stress-free performance. Learn how to make it easier to see which goals have higher rates of returns. Overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety, of being overwhelmed, over scheduled, and mastering your daily workflow.

Learn to focus on the right things, even for the unstructured, creative individuals who think they need everything out in their view, or they’ll forget where they put their stuff.

Learn to say “no” without saying the word “no,” yet you’ll both depart without either party feeling bad that you had to turn them down because of your own time commitment(s). These simple techniques will help you complete your target projects and tasks without all the chaos, clutter, confusion, and guilt. Learn to apply the “do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it” rule to get your in-box to “empty.”

Making Project Planning Easy

Creating and maintaining one list of all your projects can be a profound experience. (That is, that every commitment or desired outcome may require more than one action step to complete.) Discover how an updated and completed “Projects List” is a key operational tool for moving serving as a master inventory PLAN (Planning Let’s you Act Now).

Master Delegation

Delegating is a powerful yet complex skill with a light double edge. Done skillfully, this competency boosts productivity and builds a cohesive team. But done improperly, it consumes more hours than a fire-breathing dragon consumes trees. Whether you are promoted to a managerial position with a small or large staff, or asked to supervise just one individual, you are usually left on your own to figure out what and how to delegate.

Successful delegation of authority as a leadership style takes time and energy. It’s worth the time as it empowers leadership style in others and then everyone looks good. Delegating = self-confidence = people who feel successful = are successful.

Mobile Office Strategies

If you move around most of the time and not in the office a lot, you have a mobile lifestyle. You’ll want to set up an efficient, organized mini office in your car. Many people lose opportunities to be productive because you’re not equipped to take advantage of the odd moments and windows of time that open up as you move from place-to-place, or when you’re in off-site environments.

The combination of a good processing style, the right organizing tools, and good interconnected systems at home and at work that reflect one another, can make traveling a highly leverage environment to get certain kinds of work done. Using the “Stop, Drop and Roll” method, will help you experience the planning of your days evolving into simple systems of staying ahead of information overload every day.

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